social media

What kind of online presence do you need? Simple: The one that accomplishes your goals and fits your budget. Are you trying to promote a product or service locally, nationally or globally? Sell online or draw customers to a physical location? Promote events? Educate the public? Armed with research on your industry and critical analysis of your current online presence, we work with you to identify realistic goals, then develop a plan to get you there. We back ours up with a proven history of metric-based results and return on advertising investment.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, blogs, apps, widgets? We find the idea combination to optimize your online marketing and public relations efforts with a custom, agile social media campaign.

The greatest website and social media posts in the world do you no good if no one sees them. We find your audience and keep you in front of them, using the latest interactive tools, analytics, monitoring, dynamic content and customer engagement techniques. And we’re always looking for the next “it” thing in social media, constantly exploring new channels and trying them ourselves.

We can set up your social media accounts and hand you the keys or we can manage your day-to-day content. Highlights include:

  • Client-Based communications strategies
  • Creating and maintaining social media accounts
  • Profile design
  • Content calendars setup
  • SEO/analytics
  • Content creation and management
  • Messaging and branding
  • Training and guidance
  • Community management and engagement