news media relations

Despite the growth of “civilian bloggers,” Twitter reports from bystanders and the viral spread of hand-held video, news media outlets are here to stay. If anything, with the expansion of social media, they are more relevant than ever. No longer is a news story limited to the readers and views of a particular area or time frame. The smallest mention of your company in the smallest outlet can spread worldwide in hours.

More than ever, you need media relations professionals who know journalism and newsroom practices from both sides. Our skills were honed in the trenches of political clashes in Congress, government relations campaigns and corporate development projects. We will build your brand, grow it, and protect it from attacks.

We offer:

  • Target story placement
  • Press releases
  • News conferences
  • Photo/video ops
  • Interview training
  • Op-eds
  • Crisis management
  • Reputation protection
  • Mitigating market attacks