Five Strategies to Jumpstart Your Brand

In some ways, your brand is more important than your products and services since it’s how you guarantee that your small business stays memorable. A slump in sales often comes from one or more brand-related problems. To jump-start a dying brand, consider the following:


Keep Everything Brand-Related Uniform

People become easily confused when a business uses different colors, logos and messages to represent its brand. A memorable brand is one that has a single theme made up of a logo, color set and primary message. Pick your theme and then plaster these elements in a uniform fashion on everything from employee clothing and gift cards to shelf talkers and billboards.


Invest in Social Media Engagement

People are more likely to remember a business that interacts with them on social media. For example, doTERRA makes masterful use of professional images to drive engagement and release product-related news. Use a variety of similar engagement strategies and Q&A sessions, live streaming videos and contests. Interacting regularly with people on social media increases your chances of reaching a broader audience through tags, searches and sharing.


Diversify All Branded Content

Many business owners fail to realize that some people can’t appreciate content that’s only presented in traditional text and video formats. For example, the hearing impaired and foreign speakers need supplemental materials. Otherwise, they can’t fully have positive content experiences when the content ignores their needs. Update your videos with captions and subtitles and offer transcripts in your language and common foreign languages.


Make Public Appearances Count

When you and your brand ambassadors appear in public, exhibiting friendliness, helpfulness and expertise at speaking engagements, conferences, fundraisers and other events helps to create a positive impression. To make the most out of these appearances, you and your employees should always wear your brand’s graphical elements or use branded items to reinforce brand recognition.


Push More Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Increasing brand recognition helps restore the life of your brand. Create positive word-of-mouth advertising by following up with customers after sales, addressing feedback and complaints in meaningful ways and offering customers exclusive deals and discounts. Hand out branded merchandise to people at events or as gifts to employees, partners and clients to push positive WOM and branded promotional item advertising.

You can give new life to your brand and improve sales and leads. You merely need to make it easier for the public to recognize and remember your brand and associate positive experiences and impressions to it.

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