All the News That’s Fit to Tweet: A Tutorial

While some of my clients hire me to run all their social media for them, others want training to handle it themselves. Still others want an introduction to figure out if it’s something that might work for them and if they have the time or interest. Recently, Fleta Monaghan of 310 Art in Asheville’s River Arts District invited me to give a group of her fellow artists a “Twitter 101” Course. Since I promised to follow last month’s blog post summarizing the most popular social media channels with in-depth examinations of each one, I figured I’d feed two birds (get it?) with one seed and share my presentation with all of you.

Designed for an audience of people who have never used Twitter before, the presentation covers all the basics:

  • What Twitter’s good for, what it’s not.
  • How to set up your Twitter Profile
  • What hashtags do and how to use them
  • What the @ symbol means
  • Ways to use Twitter as another means of exchanging messages
  • How to include links and pictures in your tweets
  • Scheduling your Tweets, and
  • Twitter etiquette (the dos and don’ts of tweeting)

An effective and engaging social media presence doesn’t have to take hours a day and hundreds of dollars. It really is something *you* can do – and it can even be fun!

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