Tricks to Achieve a Better Online Presence Within Two Months

If you are a small business owner and want to establish a strong online presence in a short amount of time, you should learn some proven tricks that will help get you on the right path. Do not expect results overnight. Building a reputable online presence for your business is a frustrating and often time-consuming […]

All the News That’s Fit to Tweet: A Tutorial

While some of my clients hire me to run all their social media for them, others want training to handle it themselves. Still others want an introduction to figure out if it’s something that might work for them and if they have the time or interest. Recently, Fleta Monaghan of 310 Art in Asheville’s River Arts […]

Spread the Word! Getting Visitors to your Website.

Ok, so you’ve tuned up your website and everyone you show it to loves it.  Now, how do you attract visitors? Here is an easy plan to get started. First, put your website address on EVERYTHING. Business cards, letterhead, email signature blocks (not always an intuitive process, but you only have to do it once). […]

New Year’s Resolutions…for your Website

Every year as the lighted ball drops in Times Square, we make all sorts of promises. Read more, exercise more, eat differently, be more polite, etc. While you’re at it, why not expand that self-examination to your online marketing and sales? A good place to start is your website. This is, after all, your internet […]